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Born and raised in Kenya I am fortunate to have been exposed to such unique flora and fauna throughout my life. Having pursued my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences in Canada and a Masters in Environmental Management in Australia, I have gained knowledge and a deeper understanding of various wildlife hotspots around the world; personally, I have more than just a strong emotional attachment with East Africa's ethereal natural environment.

Through photography, I hope to capture moments that sometimes last only seconds and show the world what one would otherwise miss with their own eyes. Creating awareness and providing education to our ever growing population is key to aid in protection of the natural world that surrounds us, without which we, as a race would slowly diminish, both spiritually and literally!

The following two images reached the semi-finals of the prestigious Windland Smith Rice International Awards Photography Competition:

"Animal Antics":http:/​/​adnansavani.​zenfolio.​com/​p300824238/​e2d2adf05

"African Wildlife":http:/​/​adnansavani.​zenfolio.​com/​p315448038/​e1d4afea6